Yingli Panda 60 Cell- YL260C-30B Monocrystalline

Manufactured with the highest quality components from suppliers around the world, Yingli solar panels are guaranteed to last. Yingli is a leading solar energy company and the world’s largest photovoltaic (PV) manufacturer. Their panda series of solar panels feature one of the highest module performance ratings in the world, with an efficiency of up to 16.9%.

The Panda 60 Cell is ideal for all types of applications where efficiency is essential. From small residential applications to large scale commercial projects, Panda 60 solar modules are sure to meet any requirements.

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Yingli Solar is the leading solar energy company and the world’s largest solar photovoltaic manufacturer. They have received numerous international awards including Social Accountability 8000 and ISO certifications.

More than 30 Million Yingli solar panels have been delivered to over 40 countries around the world, as the Yingli solar brand is trusted for quality and reliability.

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Hanover HS250M Monocrystalline & HS250P Polycrystalline

With a professional team of engineers, German integrity and style, Hanover Solar ensures that each and every solar module produced meets strict quality guidelines. All Hanover Solar products are subjected to over half a dozen individual quality and performance inspections before being packaged. These tests ensure that Hanover solar panels perform at optimal levels under the harshest conditions.

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Customers around the world rely on the Hanover Solar brand. Those who choose Hanover Solar receive top quality products from a manufacturer that implements a standardized quality system at all of its sites.

Fully automated production and thorough controls ensure reliability and consistency on all production levels; from raw material silicon to wafers, cells and modules all the way through to recycling. Hanover Solar’s intense research and development ensures efficiency and continuous innovation at every site.

Where other solar manufacturers opt for the discounted route of production, Hanover Solar always ensures they deliver maximum quality and performance at a fair price.

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At prime, we strongly believe that the addition of a solar PV system on your rooftop is a household essential. In Australia, we have extremely high potential for optimal solar energy production due to our geographical and climatic features. In the last few years, Australian households have been hit with a sudden rise in electricity costs a fundamental we cannot live without.


We are committed to helping you choose the right solar system for your house hold requirements. When you book a time to speak with our friendly consultants, we attend the first appointment with an accredited installer and designer to make sure the best possible system is carefully planned from the start.


While residential solar has been welcomed by South Australian households in the last decade. Prime Solar has been one of the first solar companies to assist Australian businesses and commercial premises.

Our impressive portfolio consists of 30kw to 120kw solar systems installed on South Australian commercial rooftops.

Our Guarantee

Residential and commercial solar are very different and there are many technical and regulation issues that must be satisfied before the commencement of the installation.

With our vast experience, we guarantee the job done with no interruptions and that it will produce the best results required to save the electricity costs for your business.

Why Prime?

Payment plans-No deposit- Interest free- From $30/month

Prime can guarantee installation within 2 weeks of agreement.